Creation Care

We care for the earth because it is our home.  Caring for the earth is a worship of the Creator.  It begins with a daily practice of living simply so that others might simply live.  We practice with others through our faith groups for mutual learning and to show our devotion to the Creator.

The TIPL Steering Committee has developed a Creation Care Survey for Faith Groups. We recognize that many faith groups practice Caring for Creation as a form of worship though their sustainability efforts.  The survey is intended as a way to look at your own faith group’s Creation Care efforts within your buildings and to share what you have learned. The Survey is available here.

The Nashville TIPL Chapter has developed a Greening Houses of Worship guide, that you can access here.

Did you know that most congregations can cut energy costs by up to 30% by investing strategically in efficient equipment, facility upgrades and maintenance? Congregations decide to focus on energy efficiency for a variety of reasons, including lowering utility bills, reducing energy consumption, and reducing pollution that is harmful to human health and the environment. Virtually all faith traditions teach stewardship of the earth and of its life-supporting natural resources.

ENERGY STAR has the tools and resources to help. With free, unbiased information and technical support from ENERGY STAR, your congregation can more easily improve stewardship of your budget’s energy dollars and of the earth by reducing energy waste and energy costs, while protecting the environment.  Learn more here.