Carbon Tithe

Implications of the Paris Climate Agreement on Knoxville

Lots of people say they support the Paris Climate Agreement, but how many actually understand to what people around the world have agreed.

TIPL has prepared a brief introduction to the Implications of the Paris Climate Agreement on Knoxville. 

Social Cost of Carbon

How much damage does emitting one ton of carbon cause?  Are we willing to accept the moral responsibility for for the harm caused by our carbon emissions.

TIPL has prepared the second in a series of presentations, the Social Cost of Carbon. Learn how the cost of carbon emissions is set and its applications.

PDF of the presentation.

Morality of Using the Revenue from a Carbon Tax or Tithe

As we move closer to having a carbon tax, we need to know about the policy considerations that will determine how that tax is spent. This presentation reviews the four likely policies that will be in play. These policies are also applicable for faith groups that are moving toward a carbon tithe and for individuals who account for their own carbon emissions.   PDF of the presentation.